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Posted on: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bidding for Increased Sales Via E-commerce


EmiliopuccidressWhat would you call eBay if its profits went toward helping disadvantaged people find jobs? You’d call it shopgoodwill.com, where Goodwill of North Florida is one of the newest sellers.

Founded by Goodwill of Orange County, Calif., shopgoodwill.com is the centerpiece of Goodwill of North Florida’s E-commerce expansion. Previously, the E-commerce division focused primarily on selling books via the Internet, but after using eBay to explore the online market for other items eBay, the team was ready to increase its presence in cyber-sales.

Goodwill of North Florida has been listed on shopgoodwill.com as Goodwill Jax since the start of the new year. It’s selling everything from designer clothes and handbags to collectible vintage pottery and antique cameras.

The expanded move into online selling is in keeping with a national trend among Goodwills to use Internet auctions for reaping higher prices for collectibles and designer items than they might receive in thrift shops. The additional profits can then be reinvested in programs that advance the organization’s mission.

Items listed on the auction are forwarded to the E-commerce department by regional and store managers, based on guidelines from E-commerce about what’s hot and what’s not. Initially, the team is limiting sales to U.S. bidders, but it may expand to international buyers as it gains experience.

If you’re interested in seeing what Goodwill of North Florida is listing online, go to shopgoodwill.com, click on “search,” and then look for Goodwill Jax on the pull down menu under “seller.”

Happy bidding!

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